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Seppuku Pistols's Tagayashi T-shirt. The black label of a quality fabric is attached on the left sleeve. Material of the T-shirt is not like American cotton which has coarse feeling, but like comfortable and smooth feeling, which is using combed yarn. The T-shirt is finished high quality T-shirt even though it is 4.6oz thin T-shirt. The sewing is round (no stitches on sides), you would not care a warp after washing. Combed yarn is thread without short fibers, and so weaving only long fibers makes material smoother and stronger. Long fibers prevent T-shirts from getting fuzzy and pilling. Also, as material is uniformly, this T-shirt has a sheen and luxury feeling which other T-shirts with using carded yarn do not have. The photos are samples of M size. The process by which we printed the clothes is completely manual. We only use water-based textile ink. The silkscreen print using this ink achieve a soft print that feels like ink is part of the fabric. All the items of Seppuku Pistols which we sell are official items. [Size] Our T-shirt uses a little tight body. Please pay attention to Body Width. S Body Length Back : 25 inches (64cm) Shoulder Width : 15.5 inches (40cm) Body Width : 18 inches (46cm) Sleeve Length : 6 inches (16cm) M Body Length Back : 26 inches (66cm) Shoulder Width : 16 inches (41cm) Body Width : 18.5 inches (47cm) Sleeve Length : 7 inches (18cm) L Body Length Back : 27 inches (69cm) Shoulder Width : 17 inches (44cm) Body Width : 19 inches (49cm) Sleeve Length : 7.5 inches (19cm) XL Body Length Back : 29 inches (73cm) Shoulder Width : 18 inches (46cm) Body Width : 21 inches (53cm) Sleeve Length : 8 inches (20cm) XXL 1. Actual Length : 30 inches (77cm) Shoulder Width : 20 inches (51cm) Body Width : 23 inches (58cm) Sleeve Length : 9 inches (23cm) [Material] 100% cotton - 4.6oz