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Edo Ichimonji-2

6,500 JPY

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the Seppuku Pistols's Edo Ichimonji-2 T-shirt. The black label of a quality fabric is attached on the left sleeve. Material of the T-shirt is not like American cotton which has coarse feeling, but like comfortable and smooth feeling, which is using combed yarn. The sewing is round (no stitches on sides), you would not care a warp after washing. Combed yarn is thread without short fibers, and so weaving only long fibers makes material smoother and stronger. Long fibers prevent T-shirts from getting fuzzy and pilling. Also, as material is uniformly, this T-shirt has a sheen and luxury feeling which other T-shirts with using carded yarn do not have. The photos are samples of M size. The process by which we printed the clothes is completely manual. We only use water-based textile ink. The silkscreen print using this ink achieve a soft print that feels like ink is part of the fabric. All the items of the Seppuku Pistols which we sell are official items. [Size] Our T-shirt uses a little tight body. Please pay attention to Body Width. S Body Length Back : 25 inches (64cm) Shoulder Width : 15.5 inches (40cm) Body Width : 18 inches (46cm) Sleeve Length : 6 inches (16cm) M Body Length Back : 26 inches (66cm) Shoulder Width : 16 inches (41cm) Body Width : 18.5 inches (47cm) Sleeve Length : 7 inches (18cm) L Body Length Back : 27 inches (69cm) Shoulder Width : 17 inches (44cm) Body Width : 19 inches (49cm) Sleeve Length : 7.5 inches (19cm) XL Body Length Back : 29 inches (73cm) Shoulder Width : 18 inches (46cm) Body Width : 21 inches (53cm) Sleeve Length : 8 inches (20cm) XXL 1. Actual Length : 30 inches (77cm) Shoulder Width : 20 inches (51cm) Body Width : 23 inches (58cm) Sleeve Length : 9 inches (23cm) [Material] 100% cotton - 4.6oz(S,M,L) - 5.0oz(XL,XXL)